Astrological interpretation time?

To receive an accurate answer, you must successfully place the question in your home. This subject deserves — and will receive — its own lesson.

Astrological interpretation time?

To receive an accurate answer, you must successfully place the question in your home. This subject deserves — and will receive — its own lesson. However, briefly, the nature of a question determines which house it is allocated to. Questions about money & possessions are allocated to the second house; neighbors, deed, siblings, to the third; the home, father, family to the fourth; and so on.

The ruler of the question is that planet that rules the sign on the cusp of the appropriate house. The letter is also not safe to judge when the Moon is on the Combusta Way, or Burning Path, which is from 15 degrees Libra to 15 degrees Scorpio. It was a difficult graph to judge. There was no solid evidence one way or another.

I said this to the applicant, and that I didn't feel comfortable giving a judgment on this chart, but that if I had to choose — with a gun to my head — I would say that after a long delay it would be judged that his case was stronger and that, therefore, he would get the annulment. I based this judgment mainly on the fact that using Lilly's point system to judge the strengths of the planets, Mars (he) was considerably stronger than Venus (the ex-wife). In addition, the share of the fortune resided in the first house. In addition, the next important aspect of the Moon was a distant trine to Jupiter in the eleventh house of hopes and goals.

Jupiter also rules the ninth of legal matters. Relocation Report Understand the astrological potential of moving to different geographical locations for personal or business success. Instead of looking at a birth chart, the astrologer releases a chart based on the “burning question of the time that the consultant wants answered. Personal birth chart readings work best when you build an ongoing relationship with an astrologer who is able to build a profile of your chart at work over a continuous period.

The connections (through reception or appearance) between the two significant planets tell the astrologer what kind of communication is going on between the relevant parties. Lilly discusses Pretrial Considerations as a warning to the astrologer that he should consider whether the figure is radical and able to judge. The basic principle of astrology “as above, so below” reflects the belief that the cosmos is a mirror of the microcosm of earthly life. If they approach, for example, the letter will help the astrologer determine when they will be closer and that could be the date of reconciliation.

If Saturn is in the tenth house, judging this card puts the reputation of astrologer at stake. When the astrologer first hears the question, they mark the moment of the “birth” of the question and establish a chart that reflects the astrological image of heaven at that time. We can postpone the discussion of Considerations because they presuppose knowledge of triplicities that some astrologers do not use. Forecast Report for 1 Year Find out the main astrological trends in your life over the next year (transits and progressions).

That is, just as is the case with natal astrology, one cannot expect that a single article, book or course will give them complete mastery of the subject. While, clearly, astrology can be resorted to multiple applications, if you really want to get difficult and quick answers to your reflections, a technique can be particularly remarkable. Most of the time, it is an indication that the astrologer should be extremely cautious or choose not to judge the chart. Mundane house cusps are needed for this branch of astrology as practiced in tradition*; most quadrant systems will, but Lilly used Regiomontano.

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